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5 Best Keyboards for Advanced Players

As a seasoned musician, you know how important it is to have a fantastic instrument by your side.With this in mind, we present you with the 5 best keyboards for advanced players.

5 Best Keyboards for Beginners on a Budget

Here are the 5 best keyboards for beginners on a budget, but first, read through our in-depth buyer’s guide.

5 Best Keyboard Amps | 2021 Updated Guide

Every keyboard comes with its own set of speakers. And while these speakers are usually acceptable for home practice sessions, they won’t do you any good in a gig/live environment.

7 Best Piano Books for Beginners

Learning to play the piano without teaching material can be difficult, even for someone with an inclination towards music.At very least, you’ll need one or two of the best piano books for beginners to avoid hitting a technique ceiling after a few weeks.

5 Best Midi Keyboards for Playing Piano

If you are really big into electronic side of creating, playing, producing, and editing music, particularly piano music, you might be interested in getting a MIDI keyboard. Here, we have 5 of the best MIDI keyboards for playing piano along with comprehensive buyer’s guide to give you some great tips.

Piano Keyboard Guide

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What are the black keys on a piano

What are the Black Keys on a Piano?

Black keys on a piano are half-tone(half-step) notes of white keys. They are called sharps and flats. They are raised up, slender and shorter than white keys on piano/keyboard.

What are Accidentals in Piano Music?

In piano music, accidentals are notes that are not member of a scale. They are represented by flat, sharp or natural sign.For example, in C major scale, notes are C-D-E-F-G-A-B so use of any sharp and flat is accidental.

What is a sus chord piano?

Sus chords are three note chords. They are made up of first note, either second or fourth note and fifth note of a scale. Sus is a short form of word suspended.There are two types of sus chords: sus2 and sus4.