The Alesis Recital Pro is one of the best value-for-money digital pianos on the market. This 88-key digital piano has plenty of handy features piano players will love and find user-friendly.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, you will enjoy the true acoustic feel this keyboard offers.

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Alesis Recital Pro – 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard with Hammer Action Weighted Keys

It comes with a variety of modes and functions to make playing a more realistic and enjoyable experience, some of which include:

  • Layer Mode:  This is a great feature. It lets you choose two different voices at once for the piano to layer together.
  • Split Mode:  Another nice touch, this mode allows you to divide the keyboard in two parts so you can play one voice with your left hand and the other with your right.
  • Lesson Mode:  This educational feature will divide the keyboard into two zones, both with the same pitch and voice.
    This means a teacher and student can play together without having to take turns on the keyboard. The piano comes with 60 free virtual lessons to sharpen your playing technique and try new genres.
  • Record Mode:  Including Play and Demo, this mode means you can save your performance to the keyboard’s internal memory and play it back again. Although you can only record one song at once, this is still a handy feature if you want to critically listen back to your playing.

Key Features

This keyboard piano offers a variety of useful features to play without a power outlet and transpose songs to new keys with ease. The Metronome is adjustable for speeds between 30 and 280 BPM, which should cover any piece of music.

The Value Dial and Transpose features regulate the pitch as well as the upward and downward piano transpose by up to an octave, in increments of semitones.

You get all the connections you need with the Alesis Recital Pro. The ¼-inch (or 6.35mm) headphone jack will mute the internal speakers for private, convenient practice anywhere and at any time.

You also get stereo ¼-inch outputs along with ¼-inch sustain pedal input (optional pedal may be purchased separately).

These connections make it possible to connect the Recital Pro to a mixer, amplifier, recorder, or other external sound system. In addition, there is a USB-MIDI output so you can connect the keyboard to your PC and transfer your MIDI files.

Elegant and Stylish Look

The Recital Pro looks sleek and sophisticated in black. The black keys are matte while the white ones are glossy.

There is a small LCD screen in the center and the overall appearance and control panel are neater than on the basic Alesis Recital model.

It is also thicker and sturdier than its predecessor. The 20W build-in speakers are at either end with ‘Alesis’ on the left side and ‘Recital Pro’ on the right.

There is a knob in the top middle and powerful control buttons in the most convenient places.

This piano is compact in design and measures 5×5 x 51.6 x 13.8 inches in size. It weighs in at 32.6 pounds, making it a portable, lightweight option compared to other more unwieldy digital pianos.

It comes with a power adaptor, removable music rest, in-depth user guide, and safety and warranty manual.

Control and Functional Navigation

The Recital Pro by Alesis was designed with both beginners and professionals in mind. If you are a piano enthusiast, you will love this top quality digital piano with its user-friendly functionalities and controls.

There is a value button, volume knob and LED screen display, as well as 16 functional buttons. Each of these buttons lights up when the keyboard is powered on, so you can easily distinguish them even in dark conditions.

LED Buttons

The 16 buttons are made up of the Demo and Play Record Modes, Function buttons including Transpose and Metronome, the power button and 12 Voice Select options.

These consist of 6 instruments, each with 2 variations:

  • Electric piano and vibraphone
  • Organ and church organ
  • Synth and strings
  • Fingered and acoustic bass
  • Piano and piano (bright)
  • Harpsichord and clavinet

The Effect Select buttons include Chorus, Reverb and Modulation settings. You also have Layer Mode, Lesson Mode and Split Mode.

There are no LED lights for the Value and Knob button. Those are used for reducing and increasing the pitch and volume of the piano respectively and make it simpler to navigate all the Recital Pro functions.

The Keys

Whether you are learning to play or a seasoned piano player, you will find the keys realistic and sturdy. There are also adjustable touch response and sensitivity options on this piano, just like on its predecessor.

Control the voice level according to playing strength by using the touch response. The harder you press the keys, the louder the volume from the speakers.

You can choose one of the piano’s touch levels to control the velocity and sensitivity according to your own preference – soft, medium or strong.

The Sound

Sound is of course one of the most important aspect of any musical instrument. The 20-watt speakers built-in speakers make the Alesis Recital Pro loud enough for a studio room and small audience.

The 12 premium built-in voices are realistic. Each of the 6 buttons can be pressed to choose whichever of the 12 voices you like.

Under the voice buttons is an effect section so you can add or remove Chorus, Reverb and Modulation at the touch of a button. This means you can customize the built-in voices and create others. This keyboard piano has 128-note polyphony so you can play up to 128 notes at the same time.

Are There any Disadvantages?

The only cons we can find are that the sound isn’t really loud enough for more than a small studio space (although of course you can connect it to an external sound source).

Also, this piano does not come with a sustain pedal. It does have the output connection for one though, so you can buy a pedal separately.

Who is this Piano Best For?

Although the Alesis Recital Pro is user-friendly enough for beginners, it is also a favorite among piano experts who want to experience the realistic feel of playing on an acoustic piano.

If you are more of a novice, the powerful educational features make this piano a solid choice.

It comes with a Lesson Mode feature plus 3 months of premium Skoove which is an app that makes it simple to learn piano at your preferred pace. Their curated catalog contains everything from classical music to the latest hits and an experienced team of musicians at Skoove are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Our Conclusion

Whether you are brand new to the world of piano playing, an intermediate player or a seasoned enthusiast, the Alesis Recital Pro is a great choice. It’s easy to use, packed with handy features and the hammer-action keys make it feel like playing a real acoustic piano.

The piano comes with a power adaptor. Alternatively you can use 6 D-cell batteries if you want to play on the move.

The weighted keys respond to dynamic play so you can control the forte and piano levels flawlessly. Given its affordable price tag, the Alesis Recital Pro offers a very similar experience to that of a conventional piano and includes extras such as built-in lessons, voices and many more features.

The portability of the Recital Pro and headphones option makes it convenient wherever and whenever you wish to play, and the excellent key feel and sound make it a solid investment for piano enthusiasts and beginners alike.