Chords in the key of F major are derived from F major scale.

Here are the notes of F major scale.

Notes of F major scale
F major scale on piano

Chords in the key of F major scale

In major scale, first note is major chord, second note is minor chord, third note is minor chord, fourth note is major, fifth note is major, sixth note is minor and seventh note is diminished chord.

chords in key of F

Chord sequence follows the pattern Major – minor -minor – Major -Major – minor – diminished

Roman numerals presents the chord position in the scale.

I – F major

F major chord

ii – G minor

G minor chord

iii – A minor

A minor chord

IV – Bb major

Bb major chord

V – C major

C major chord

vi – D minor

D minor chord

vii – E diminished

E diminished chord