How Can I Practice Singing Quietly?


There may be times when you need to practice singing, but you need to do it quietly. You may live in close proximity to neighbors, or you may not want people to hear you. Many people wonder if it is possible to practice singing quietly, and will it be effective? There are ways to accomplish it. Take a look at how to practice singing quietly.

Five Ways That You Can Practice Singing Quietly

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to practice singing quietly, there are several different ways to do it. You will still be able to practice and perfect your techniques using the following methods.

1. Practice with a Lighter Voice

One method for singing quietly is to sing in a lighter voice. Rather than practicing songs that require you to belt out the lyrics, choose softer songs that you can sing more quietly. You can work on making sure that you are hitting the notes accurately, and focus on your technique. This will give you more control over your voice.
When you practice singing in a lighter voice, you should not be singing under your breath. You are just turning the volume down. You should still sing the notes and harmonies accurately; you are simply doing it in a lighter voice.

2. Try Humming

If you need to keep it down while you are practicing, you can try humming. This may not allow you a full practice, but you can exercise your vocal cords and work on high and low notes in your natural volume. You can also practice your pitch and your control over breathing when you hum.
During the times when you need to sing quietly, the important thing is to get some quality practice time in. Think about your voice exercises and the aspects of singing that you need to work on, and choose those that can be done while you are humming.

3. Use a Pillow

A lot of singers sing into a pillow when they need to sing quietly. Normally, you need to sing quietly because you are in close quarters with other people, and you may not want to disturb them. When you sing into a pillow, you can sing exactly the way you need to, but the sound will be muffled. You can sing at the same pitch and practice the tones and notes you need to hit, but nobody will hear you.
When singers use this method, they also cover one of their ears. This helps you hear your pitch and the notes you are singing better than if both ears are uncovered. Your voice will be muffled, but you can sing just as you would if you weren’t trying to sing quietly.

4. Turn on a Fan or a Television

You can try this method depending on why you need to sing quietly. If you are trying not to disturb others in your home or your neighbors, this method may not work. However, if noise is not a problem but you want to prevent others from hearing you sing, you can turn on a fan and turn up the television to drown out your singing.
Using background noise will help to cover up your singing, and it will just sound like white noise to your neighbors or family members upstairs. Your voice will become part of the background noise. When you use this method, you can sing without worrying that anyone is listening and critiquing you.

5. Use a Microphone and Headset

Finally, you can practice singing quietly with a microphone and a headset. Most singers have a microphone, but you may need to get a headset. The idea is to sing into the microphone and hear it in the headset. You can sing quietly and raise the volume both on the microphone and the headset. This will make your singing a lot louder so that you can hear it, but it won’t disturb others who are nearby.
You can connect your microphone and headset to singing software on the computer, and watch the bars move as you sing. You can also sing to music and learn how to control your voice. This is a great way to practice singing quietly and still get a quality singing session in.

Final Words

You can use any of these methods to practice singing quietly. However, if you find that you need to sing quietly more often, you should consider soundproofing a room. If you don’t have an extra room, you can try soundproofing a closet. This will allow you to sing as loud as you need to without disturbing anyone.
Otherwise, you can sing into a pillow, practice singing in a lighter voice, or hum your songs. You can also get a microphone and headset, and turn the volume up so that you can hear it.

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