Do You Have to Play an Instrument to Be a Singer?


You may have noticed that many singers also play an instrument. However, there are singers who sing on stage without playing an instrument. Although it isn’t necessary to do both, many singers play an instrument such as the guitar or the piano. There are a lot of singers who learn an instrument later on, while others learn the instrument first. There are definite benefits of knowing how to play an instrument if you want to be a singer.

5 Benefits for Singers If They Know How to Play an Instrument

1. You Can Tune Your Voice

When you are a singer, your voice is your instrument. It can become out of tune, just as a piano or a guitar can. When you play an instrument, you have a way to tune your voice. You can do exercises where you practice notes and tunes, and you use chords to practice harmonizing. Playing an instrument helps you to develop your ear for music, and you will have a better ear for the different notes and tunes that you are singing.
Whether you are trying to increase your pitch or you just want to do some vocal exercises, playing an instrument allows you to accompany yourself. You can play the instrument in the background or you can improve your ability to harmonize or develop your rhythm. This will help you improve more quickly and feel more confident about it.

2. It Helps You Compose Songs

Most songs can be played on the guitar or the piano, and singers often use them to compose their songs. When they use their voice alone, it can be hard to imagine the chords and the full sound of the song. It is also hard to communicate how you want the songs to sound. Even if you know what it should sound like, it is difficult to explain it without being able to play it on the piano or the guitar.
If you don’t play an instrument, you should at least have a basic knowledge of music theory, chords, and how instruments work. When you know how to play an instrument, you will be able to compose songs and create harmonies. It is much easier to share it with other people so that they understand your song and can expand upon it.

3. It Improves Musicality

Being able to sing well is a talent, but it is important to expand your horizons if you want to be a professional singer. When you learn how to play an instrument, it increases your musicality. You learn more about how the notes are played, as well as techniques you can use to change the melody and the beat of the different rhythms. This makes you a better and more well rounded singer.
One of the reasons that improving your musicality is so important is that you will be better able to have conversations with other musicians. You can explain your ideas and thoughts better, and you can demonstrate for them when you want them to play something. It makes it easier to teach them your songs because they will understand better what you want from them. Increasing your musicality will make you a better singer.

4. Singers Can Control Their Music

When you are a singer and you play an instrument, you can control your music. You can write the entire song, from the words to the melody and the chords. Singers who don’t play an instrument give their lyrics to another musician, and they create the song for them. In some cases, the musicians may not have the same ideas as you, and the song may not turn out the way you want it to.
You can learn to write sheet music when you learn to play an instrument, so it is even easier to share your songs with others. They can use the sheet music to play along. It is hard to learn sheet music unless you actually play a musical instrument.

5. You Can Understand the Notes Better

When singers play a musical instrument, it is much easier for them to understand the musical notes. They learn how important harmony is, as well as rhythm and melody. It is easier for them to keep the beat of the song when they sing, and they are better able to harmonize with the instruments. They can also practice these things at home while they are practicing. It makes them better singers.
Understanding the notes, harmony, rhythm, and melody are the foundation of music theory. If you are a singer and have plans to write your own songs, it is important to understand these basics. If you don’t understand these principles, your songs may sound less mature. People will notice the difference. The best instruments for singers to learn are the piano and the guitar because you can play along with your songs. It helps you learn half notes and whole notes, and you will sing better.

Final Words

While you don’t have to play a musical instrument to be a great singer, it can help you become even better at your art. You will be able to accompany yourself and keep your voice in tune. You will also be able to compose songs more easily and communicate how you want them to sound. It improves your musicality and your understanding of harmony, chords, notes, and rhythm. Learning how to play an instrument will benefit you as a singer.

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