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People learn piano for different reasons. Some may take piano playing simply as a hobby and some may pursue piano playing with goal of becoming professional pianist. Whatever the reason maybe, learning to play piano is wonderful skill to have.So, if you are someone who is wondering if you can learn piano online or if online piano lessons are any good? Then just keep reading because we are here to answer all your questions.

Pros and Cons of Learning Piano Online

Piano lessons on internet comes with full of promises and glowing testimonials but they often leave out to mention the disadvantages of online learning. Resulting in students signing up for online piano lessons only to be disappointed after taking few lessons. If you also found yourself wondering do online piano lessons work, then worry no more because here are some of the Pros  and Cons of learning piano online:


Unlimited options

Thanks to internet, piano lessons are accessible to everyone and it is increasingly becoming popular medium to learn piano. There are multiple options when you take online piano lessons. You can choose between beginners and advance levels.

Free of charge

One of the biggest advantages of taking online piano lessons is the fact that they are free of cost. Yes, you read that correct. A lot of online piano lessons are being offered without being heavy on your pocket. You can take these lessons at your own convenience without fearing that your money will go to waste because guess what? You are not paying anything to anyone for these free online piano lessons. You just need to find the right kind of piano learning lessons online that also offer these free services. Some websites might ask you to pay for the online piano lessons. However, the charges will be so minimal that you won’t mind paying them.

Better than manual lessons

Some people might argue that learning piano online is not as great of a learning experience as when you are learning to play by a real instructor, in person. However, with the help of technology, taking online piano lessons becomes a better experience since you are exposed to updated manuals on piano playing that you otherwise won’t get the opportunity to get your hands on.

Piano for all

Freelance services

Getting online piano lessons mean that you are directly learning from freelance musicians and piano players who are willing to make you their online students. This also means that you are not learning from amateurs but, are getting professional services at the convenience of your home, whenever you want.

Learn whatever you want

When you hire a piano instructor, the possibilities of learning multiple types of music is limited because you can never be too sure of how much one person knows and is willing to share with you. When you have the option of learning piano online, you have a wide range of music options to learn from, be it rock, classic, jazz or metal, you name it. You never get bored because you always have the option of exploring a different kind of rhythm or pattern in online piano lessons.

Thorough attention

When you sign up for online piano lessons, you also sign up for individual attention since it is just you and the website you are learning piano from. You can start over whenever you want if you feel there is a need to master a particular rhythm without having to be a nuisance for anyone.

Learn better tricks

No matter if you are a beginner or an advance piano player; you can learn multiple tricks and patterns to play piano online. There are so many online libraries and other music resources that you can sign up for free on the internet and keep learning while mastering the art of playing the piano. You can also find various tools online that will help you revise your previous piano lessons so that you do not forget them when learning new chords and grooves.

Revise and learn together

With online resources and music glossary options, you would be amazed to find out how easy it is to revise some of the hardest chords, patterns and scales while taking online piano lessons. The truth is that with in person piano lessons time is also a constraint amongst other things. Not with virtual piano lessons though.

Learn whenever you want

Taking online piano lessons gives you the space to do it at your own convenience without becoming a hurdle in your routine life. You do not have to wait for an instructor to come to you because you have the instructor on the internet that you can sign up with for free whenever you want. Online piano lessons can be taken during any time of the day.

You can overcome your fears

When taking online piano lessons you do not worry about anyone judging you or making fun of you if you get your playing wrong.

piano for all-life


Missing out the real experience

As much as we have advocated that online piano lessons are the best, the reality is that it does not compare to the real in person learning experience of playing a piano.

With online piano lessons there is literally no one that you can share your learning experience with, be it good or bad. You would not know the charm of getting a chord wrong and then re-doing it while learning with a group of people because you are taking the piano lessons online, alone.

So much stuff online

Another drawback of taking online piano lessons is the fact that there are just too many resources and options that can make you overwhelmed. Sometimes, it becomes really difficult to pick the best learning website for yourself.


The internet is full of options and you would be surprised to find out all that you have been missing out on once you actually start taking online piano lessons. Make sure that you do not give up on your dream of learning to play a piano now that you have so many advantages of learning the art online.

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