Are Online Singing Courses Worth it?


No matter how well you sing, singing lessons will help you improve your control over your voice. Everyone has a natural vocal range and pitch, but you can improve your voice with lessons.
It can be difficult to find the time to go to a studio for singing lessons, and it can also be very expensive. However, you can try online singing courses to improve your skill. Take a look at the pros and cons of online singing courses.

Pros of Online Singing Courses

There are several advantages to taking online singing courses. You can do it in the comfort of your own home, and you won’t have to miss a lesson when you are traveling. Some of the pros include the following:

1. You Can Take Lessons Any Time, Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of online singing lessons is that you can take them any time, no matter where you are. When you take singing lessons in person, you need to physically go to the music studio. You have to take time to get there and to return back to work or home. If you are out of town, you will miss the lesson, which interferes with your training.
When you take lessons online, you simply sign on and start the lesson. Your singing coach can hear you and help you improve. You don’t have to travel to the music studio, and you won’t have to miss a lesson during vacation or if you are out of town for work. This is definitely an advantage.

2. You Can Record Your Lessons

Another benefit to taking singing lessons online is that you can record your lessons. You can play it back later to work on what you learned. If your instructor gives you exercises or techniques to practice, you won’t forget what they are. It is easy to review them when you have a recording. It is also easy to create a folder for your recordings of these lessons so that you can practice whenever you need to.

3. You Can Have Extra Lessons When You Are Working on Something Difficult

When you are taking online singing lessons, it is easy to schedule an extra session if you are struggling with a technique. You won’t have to make an extra lesson and figure out when your schedules are free; you can just do a quick lesson online, and you won’t have to account for travel time.

Cons of Online Singing Courses

Although there are plenty of benefits to taking online singing courses, there are a few drawbacks as well, including the following:

1. It Can Feel Distant

Although many people have become accustomed to doing everyday activities online, it isn’t the same experience. You can have meetings and take singing lessons, but it feels less personal. Singing is an intimate activity, and you lose this when you are online. You are limited visually, so it is a more generic experience.

2. You Are Limited to Voice Corrections Only

When you take singing lessons in person, your instructor will work on more than your voice. They will help you improve your voice and your technique, but they also help you with your posture and your presence. This is very hard to do online. In person, the instructor will often make corrections to your posture physically by touching your back. This is less intrusive than correcting you by voice when you are in the middle of a song.
When you take singing lessons online, you are limited to voice corrections. While this is beneficial, you miss out on some of the other aspects of improving your skills as a singer. You will still benefit from the lessons, but you may want to add some in person lessons as well to make sure that your posture and presence is what it needs to be.

3. You Often Can’t Sing Together

In person, you will spend some of the time singing together. You can learn a lot by listening and practicing together, which isn’t always possible online. Many of the apps available only allow one voice at a time, so your instructor will have to wait until you finish to give feedback or sing for you. This limits what you can do online.

Final Words

Taking singing courses online is worthwhile because it is convenient and it allows you to have some lessons that you may not be able to travel to. You won’t have to interrupt your lessons when you are out of town, and you save time by not having to travel to your singing coach.
It is hard to use online courses alone if you want to improve your singing, so you may want to supplement your online lessons with in-person lessons from time to time. This way, you get the convenience of online lessons while still getting the feedback from meeting in person.

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